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False Rosenkrantz myspace website

Incredible but true, a false Rosenkrantz myspace is on

And some false post on forums have been made too.

They've been created by the most stupid guy I meet in my life: Noctu from Drakkar productions.
Of course, all the informations and contact on this myspace pages are falses, never try to contact me by this way.
You'll find the good infos and contact only on the official Rosenkrantz website :

Don't really understand why he pass much time to made some childish jokes than working on his owns activities, seems this guy have nothing else to do in his life, and that he's not able to forgot me.
Strange because I totally don't give a fuck about him...

Hey bastard Noctu! If you've a problem with me, please come in front of me rather making some pathetics actions, I wait you and will be happy to shoot your fat ass!
But I'm sure you'll not do that, as the last time I come to hit you, the only thing you do was to try to call the police, hey!



For those who ask of what happen between Noctu and me in the past here is my version of the history:

We have work together to Celestia, and was friends.

We've work 8 years with a complete comprehensivity, and have no problems together.

At the end, it seems we take 2 differents way, nothing wrong just that with the time our respective sensibility have changed.

We decide to stop working together.

Noctu told me he'll continue Celestia in a different way.

But 2 weeks after I've seen on an interview he made that I was fired because I was too bad to play correctly on Celestia, and that I listen gay music etc..

Well it seems Noctu take 8 years to understand that.

After that he go directly to the french music and autor protection, taking all the rights on Celestia.

From this time I receive regulary some phone jokes, and he spreads some false rumors on internet (like the De profundis label is dead, etc..)

He made that for a lot of other people on the metal scene.

For me he's just jealous of the other. He is a weak.

I go directly to fight him on his video game shop, and he refuse to go out.

I was waiting him from outdoors, and see he was trying to call the police.

This guy have no honour, and no brave.

I just don't give a fuck about him, and want to forgot him, but now I need to return back his money.

Noctu if you don't like this words, think that the shit came entirely from you, and now I need to react agains you.



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