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THE UNHALLOWED - Philosophy of a Cornered One

First album of the Russian Band with members as Damien T.G from STIELAS SORHETT, MOR, F. from SOLI DIABOLI GLORIA

10 track of Thrash / Black Metal

The travel of a cornered one oppressed by religion rules 


The Unhallowed - Philosophy of a Cornered One


10 sins? Don’t even think. Just 10 steps along the ladder of engrossing religious ecstasy. Downwards, harder and harder the mind of a cornered one is being suppressed by discrepancy of ossified morality and baudelairian reality. Conflict is gaining strength so there’s no other way for the One, only  give his sanity to the lions. Can you hear the curtains of awareness groaning? Come and taste the fruit poisoned with Philosophy Of A Cornered One.


The retreat

The truth


The retreat
The infection
The awakening
The truth
The decadent rapture
The arrival
Nox irae
The retreat ptii

On this record, The Unhallowed was:
F. - Vocals
Max War-M - Guitars
Damien T.G. - Guitars
Anthony Crimson - Bass
Alex Tage - Drums


THE UNHALLOWED was formed in 2003 by two participants: Damien T.G. and Max War-M.
During the formation’s existence different serious musicians (Z-Skin, Trapped, etc.) that got releases in Russia and abroad with such bands as STIELAS STORHETT, MOR, SECT, DEMIURG, NAILY had taken part in it.
Due to volatile lineup and participating of band’s leaders in other projects (ARUNA AZURE, MOR, SECT) THE UNHALLOWED has been inactive for live shows for a long time.  However the creation of songs, occasional rehearsals and recording of different demos were on their way.
In 2009 a decision to reactivate the band was taken.  An album consisting of remade demo (SECT - WWIII) and new ideas was recorded. A frontman of black metal formation  SOLI DIABOLI GLORIA (Russia, Petrozavodsk) was involved to record vocals. During the recording process a new bass-guitarist Anthony Crimson joined band. As long the work on new material extremely different from the one presented on a previous album began. Following Anthony the new frontman Paul.G.Wicker joined THE UNHALLOWED.
At the moment a longplay recorded in 2009 – 2010, "Philosophy Of A Cornered One" has been released by De Profundis éditions.
Meanwhile there’s processing a work on new stuff for next album having a preliminary name "Chain Genesis". Very soon there’ll be recorded and released a single named “When the Sands Talk” which represents a completely new band’s sound.

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