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De01 : Peste noire

La Sanie des siècles - Panégyrique de la dégénérescence

Peste Noire - La sanie des siècles

 The band’s first album, empirical and colossal includes the studio version of « Le mort joyeux » and « Speen » from their demo « Macabre Transcendence », and a new version of « Phalenes et pestilence »

A parallel between a mediaeval and a modern apocalypse : « the decline of the current world and the desire to see it die as it can’t be saved; vengeance and the imaginary return of Our Own (Our Own: a fallen nobility humiliated socially, physically and psychologically) are the leading themes of the album. Annihilating the world which has annihilated us. It invites people to do so. »


US and Canadian version is available by Transcendental Creations.  


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