The Rosenkrantz studio records most of the music produced by the label De profundis éditions.

However the studio also records bands who do not wish to be produced by the label and who do not play “ De profundis “ type music. Please contact Fureiss for more details.

The Rosenkrantz studio uses both analogical and digital material and works to get the best out of a subtle mixture of the two:

  • 24 Digital track recording
  • 16 Analogical track recording
  • 64 bits digital Mastering with analogic modeling.

The acoustics of the studio have been carefully calculated to give a natural sound to the recordings and to this end the studio has been fitted out in wood.

The Rosenkrantz studio will find the sound that the music calls for. No short cuts, no easy options, just hard work and the right sound.

The studio accepts all styles of dark music and gives each style the same undivided attention and applies the same rules of craftsmanship for which the studio is renowned.


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